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Local Competition

September 2020 — AGM

First Thursday in October — Season start

Late Dec – Early Jan — Mid-Season Break


General Information

The Local Competition for Appin Touch is held weekly at Appin Park on Thursdays throughout the summer season, usually starting in October and finishing in March.

Note: due to Covid-19, this seasons start time may vary due to restrictions and availability of the grounds.


The Opens competition is open to anyone in high school age or above and features teams of varying skill levels. There are usually three timeslots, 6:30pm, 7:20pm and 8:10pm.


Our Junior Competition traditionally runs throughout school term 4. Updates coming soon!

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Full List of Events & Milestones

Open Registration Begins - MMM YY

Open Registration Ends - MMM YY

Open Season Starts - MMM YY

Junior Registration Begins - MMM YY

Junior Registration Ends- MMM YY

Junior Season Starts - MMM YY

Past Results

Division 1

Season Premiers   Runners Up   Player of the Final
2005/06 Team Bully 6 Prawnheads 2 Deb Williams (Team Bully)
2006/07 Smashed Crabs 7 Prawnheads 6 Jeff Harrington (Smashed Crabs)
2007/08 A Touch Rusty 4 Triple O’s 2 Emma Logue (A Touch Rusty)
2008/09 Lets Play 5 Rusty 2 Michelle Barry (Lets Play)
2009/10 Prawnheads 6 Rusty 2 Melissa Wilson (Prawnheads)
2010/11 Bringya Beeralong 8 Prawnheads 7 Jenna Aldridge (Bringya Beeralong)
2011/12 Prawnheads 8 Untouchables 7 Heath Ryan (Untouchables)
2012/13 A Touch Rusty 7 Prawnheads 4 Melissa Wilson (Prawnheads)
2013/14 Prawnheads 8 Beers 7 Shane Chapman (Beers)
2014/15 Prawnheads 4 Beers 2 Peter Andrews (Prawnheads)
2015/16 Prawnheads/Beers       Game Incomplete
2016/17 A Touch Rusty/Prawnheads       Washed Out
2017/18 A Touch Rusty 12 Prawnheads 6 Victor Musgrave (A Touch Rusty)
2018/19 A Touch Rusty 10 Prawnheads 3 Peter Andrews (Prawnheads)
2019/20 A Touch Rusty 6 Fully Touched 4 Jane Skinner (A Touch Rusty)
2020/21 A Touch Rusty 7 Prawnheads 6 Ethan Cavanagh (A Touch Rusty)
2021/22 A tOuCh RuStY 8 Prawnheads 6 Victor Musgrave (A Touch Rusty)
2022/23 A Touche Rusty 7 Prawnheads 5 Victor Musgrave (A Touche Rusty)
2023/24 A Touch Rusty 8 Prawnheads 2 Brock Fletcher (A Touch Rusty)

Division 2

Season Premiers   Runners Up   Player of the Final
2005/06 The Plumbers 10 Niff Nuffs 3 Liz Malone (The Plumbers)
2006/07 Y Nots 6 Niff Nuffs 3 Shannon Wood (Y Nots)
2007/08 Prawnheads 12 Young Guns 4 Luke Fordyce (Prawnheads)
2008/09 Team Bully 8 Smashed Crabs 3 Lisa Lewis (Team Bully)
2009/10 Bringya Beeralong 11 Niff Nuffs 10 Nathan Barnaby (Bringya Beeralong)
2010/11 Lets Play 4 Magpies 3 Shay O’Neill (Magpies)
2011/12 Magpies 9 Niff Nuffs 2 Scott Duffield (Niff Nuffs)
2012/13 Team Bully 5 Sandy Clams 2 Jeff Harrington (Sandy Clams)
2013/14 Team Bully 9 We’re Niff Nuffs Too 5 Lisa Lewis (Team Bully)
2014/15 Niff Nuffs 6 MLC 5 John McGuiggan (Niff Nuffs)
2015/16 MLC 6 Team Bully 5 Bede Clarke (MLC)
2016/17 On The Go/MLC       Washed Out
2017/18 Niff Nuffs 5 Tropic Thunder 4 Zac Duffield (Niff Nuffs)
2018/19 Swerve 11 Kiss My Grass 9 Ryan Woods (Swerve)
2019/20 Team Bully 6 On The Go 5 Will Dreves (Team Bully)
2020/21 Fully Touched 9 Team Bully 6 Lee Purvis (Fully Touched)
2021/22 Young & the Restless 11 Fully Touched 7 Liam Croker (Young & the Restless)
2022/23 Lyk2BTouched 9 Prodigies 8 Greg McPhee (Lyk2BTouched)
2023/24 No Frills 7 Prodigies 5 Nathan Casey (No Frills)


Division 3

Season Premiers   Runners Up   Player of the Final
2007/08 Niff Nuffs 6 Coneheads 4 Paul Clarke (Niff Nuffs)
2012/13 Flyers 9 On The Go 6 Jack Darcy (Flyers)
2013/14 On The Go 7 Devils 1 Jason Eade (On The Go)
2014/15 On The Go 9 Flyers 8 Matt Thomas (On The Go)
2015/16 Niff Nuffs   Flyers   Jackson Bridge (Niff Nuffs)
2016/17 Niff Nuffs/Roosters       Washed Out
2017/18 Flyers 9 On The Go 8 Darcy Eade (On The Go)
2018/19 Can’t Touch This 11 On The Go 9 Dan Petrovski (On The Go)
2019/20 Flyers 11 Back To The Future 10 Bridget Shearer (Back To The Future)
2020/21 Swerve 9 On The Go 4 Josh Browne (Swerve)
2021/22 Kiss My Grass/ On the Go       Match Incomplete


Season Awards

Season Best & Fairest Most Touchdowns Most Touchdowns
2005/6 Meagan King (The Bogans) Jeff Harrington (Prawnheads) Jane Wilson (Prawnheads)
2006/7 Donna Sheehan (Niff Nuffs) Jeff Harrington (Smashed Crabs) Melissa Wilson (Prawnheads)
2007/8 Nathan Barnaby (Bringya Beeralong) Nathan Barnaby (Bringya Beeralong) Anna Heyligers (Prawnheads)/ Jenna Aldridge (Bringya Beeralong)
2008/9 Andrew McGuiggan (Niff Nuffs) Nick Taylor (Lets Play) Melissa Wilson (Prawnheads)
2009/10 Andrew Wilson (Prawnheads) Nathan Barnaby (Bringya Beeralong) Melinda Waters (Hasbeens)
2010/11 Rhys Tipping (Multiple Scoregasms) Aaron Wilson (Prawnheads) Tiffany Hayman (Bringya Beeralong)
2011/12 Bianca Fenech (Flyers) Andrew Wilson (Prawnheads) Samantha Davis (Bringya Beeralong)
2012/13 Jeff Harrington (Sandy Clams) Heath Ryan (Untouchables) Lyndel Benson (On The Go)
2013/14 Heath Ryan (Untouchables) Andrew Wilson (Prawnheads)/ Josh Hickey (Beers) Rebecca Scibilia (Untouchables)
2014/15 Aaron Wilson (Prawnheads) Aaron Wilson (Prawnheads) Kayla Wilson (Prawnheads)
2015/16 Aaron Wilson (Prawnheads)/ Jack Thomson (Flyers)/ Jackson Bridge (Niff Nuffs) Simon Carter (Beers) Rebecca Scibilia (MLC)
2016/17 Debra Monte (Im Ezy)/ Mat Thomas (On the Go) Daniel O Shea (A Touch Rusty) Laura Seeney (Team Bully)
2017/18 Zac Duffield (Niff Nuffs) Aaron Wilson (Prawnheads) Laura Seeney (Team Bully)
2018/19 Noah Miskell (Swerve) Noah Miskell (Swerve) Jordan Bates (A Touch Rusty)
2019/20 Chrystal Duggan (Fully Touched) Zach Sydenham (Niff Nuffs) Rebecca Scibilia (Kiss My Grass)
2020/21 Ellie Hodges (Prodigies)/ Lara Miskell (Swerve)/ Lee Purvis (Fully Touched)/ Loukas Petrovski (Back to the Future) Aaron Wilson (Prawnheads)/ Noah Miskell (Prodigies) Maddie Cranney (Niff Nuffs)/ Tess McEvoy King (Team Bully)/ Laura Seeney (Team Bully)
2021/22 Ben Hart (Kiss My Grass) Aaron Wilson (Prawnheads) Loren Keir (Prawnheads)/ Alison Musgrave (A Touch Rusty)/ Jaclyn Hampson (Fully Touched)
2022/23 Clare Armstrong (A Touche Rusty) Aaron Wilson (Prawnheads) Alison Musgrave (A Touche Rusty)
2023/24 Lara Miskell (Prodigies)/ Bridget Shearer (Young & the Restless) Aiden McDowell (Fully Touched) Ava Hilton (Young & the Restless)