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Players who want to test their skills beyond the park level competition are encouraged to trial for representative team pathways. There are a number of levels of representation at both the junior and senior levels. Representative teams cover all age groups from under 8’s to over 55’s.  There are divisions for girls, boys, women, men and mixed.

All players must participate in the local competition to qualify for the representative pathways. 

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Mens Warriors – Vawdon Cup 2019

Womens Warriors – State Cup 2019

Past Results

Appin Warriors Representative Statistics

Most Representative Games

Last updated: 2020 State Cup

112 Andrew Wilson
105  Alison Musgrave
101  Victor Musgrave
88  Aaron Wilson
83  Kayla Wilson
82  Jane Skinner
78  Kate Luke

78  Peter Andrews
77  Rebecca Scibilia
43  Zac Duffield
39  Karissa James
38  Karyn Worlledge
37  Gus Gibbons
37  Suhaib Khan

32  Emily Musgrave
31  Keaton Bates
31  Scott Barry
31  Maxine Moroney
30  Jordan Bates

Most Representative Touchdowns

Last updated: 2020 State Cup

76  Aaron Wilson
70  Alison Musgrave
69  Suhaib Khan
57  Victor Musgrave
43  Andrew Wilson

24  Gus Gibbons
21  Kayla Wilson
21  Kate Luke
17 Rebecca Scibilia
15  Jane Skinner

13  Peter Andrews
13  Zac Duffield
13  Keaton Bates
13  Brock Fletcher

13 Luke Wallington

Tournament Awards

Tournament Award Player
Vawdon Cup 2018 Player Of the Final Jane Skinner
State Cup 2018 Player of the Final Victor Musgrave
Vawdon Cup 2019 Most Touchdowns Alison Musgrave
Vawdon Cup 2019 Most Touchdowns Suhaib Khan
Vawdon Cup 2019 Player of the Final Aaron Wilson

Appin Warriors Representative Players


State Cup 2009 v Penrith Panthers

1. Andrew Wilson
2. Aaron Wilson
3. Melissa Wilson
4. Jane Wilson
5. Peter Andrews

6. Michelle Barry
7. Jeff Harrington
8. Allissa Harrington
9. Tiffany Hayman
10. Nathan Barnaby

11. Anna Heyligers
12. Luke Fordyce
13. Nick Hudson
14. Lucky Phrachanh


State Cup 2014 v Milton Ulladulla Bullfrogs

15. Scott Barry
16. Victor Musgrave
17. Alison Skinner

18. Heath Ryan
19. Rebecca Scibilia
20. Kate Luke

21. Karyn Worleedge
22. Bryce Worlledge
23. Karissa James

State Cup 2014 v Liverpool Lightning

24. Shane Chapman


Vawdon Cup 2015 v Norths UTS Bears

25. Kristoffer Pico

26. Alicia Peachey

27. Amy Wu

Vawdon Cup 2015 v St George Dragons

28. Adam Marshall
29. Kaine Rossini
30. Michael Armstrong
31. Thomas Dulka
32. Joshua Frew

33. Andrew Gerrard
34. Ryan Jennings
35. Steven Jones
36. Nathaniel Lee
37. Nathan Newson

38. Benjamin Williams
39. Isaac Williams
40. Jacob Williams
41. Kayne Tapiki

Vawdon Cup 2015 v Varsity Stingers

42. Jane Skinner

43. Jayden Callen

Vawdon Cup 2015 v Bankstown Jets

44. John Dean

State Cup 2015 v Murwillimbah Mavericks

45. Donna Ryan

46. Brad Hoare

47. Sarah Cantrill

State Cup 2015 v Parramatta Eels

48. Shaun Williams

49. Nathan Hinkley

50. Robert Sayers


Vawdon Cup 2016 v Bankstown Jets

51. Kayla Wilson

52. Andrew Grogan

Vawdon Cup 2016 v Hills Hornets

53. Dean Gould

54. Isaac Guerin

55. Josh Newson

Vawdon Cup 2016 v Central Coast Dolphins

56. James Hosking

57. Chris Smith

58. Tyron Bishop

Vawdon Cup 2016 v St George Dragons

59. Marz Vaefe

60. Clayton Blackman

Vawdon Cup 2016 v Wests Magpies

61. Gus Gibbons

62. Emma Hannigan

Vawdon Cup 2016 v Easts Roosters

63. Jack Lawrence

State Cup 2016 v Murwillimbah Mavericks

64. Scott Duffield

65. Zac Duffield

State Cup 2016 v Macksville Falcons

66. Ben Nguyen


Vawdon Cup 2017 v Canterbury Bulldogs

67. Stacey Atkins

Vawdon Cup 2017 v Westmead Hawks

68. Emily Musgrave

69. Oscar Cole

Sydney Rebels Gala Day 2017 v Campbelltown Ghosts

70. Suhaib Khan

State Cup 2017 v Port Hunter Marauders

71. Olivia Pizzuto


Vawdon Cup 2018 v Carlingford Cyclones

72. Kyle Robinson

73. Anthony Grazioli

Vawdon Cup 2018 v Wollongong Devils

74. Zach Salas Sydenham

State Cup 2018 v Japan

75. Jordan Bates

76. Keaton Bates

77. Britney Moon

Sydney Rebels Junior Gala Day 2018 v Easts Roosters

  1. Zane Wilson
  2. Sam Hodges
  3. Ryan Kitson
  4. Noah Miskell
  1. Kobe Dean
  2. Connor James
  3. Cooper Short
  4. Liam May
  1. Mitchell Leroy
  2. Noah Morheb
  3. Josh Browne


Bankstown Jets Gala Day 2019 v Bankstown Jets

89. Ryan Woods

90. Jackson Parker

91. Bailey McMichael

Vawdon Cup 2019 v South West Sydney Raptors

92. Leila Hampson

Vawdon Cup 2019 v Hills Hornets

  1. Cailyn Loveday
  2. Maxine Moroney
  1. Aimee Fitch
  2. Caitlin O’Flynn
  1. Ish Parto
  2. Debbie Eato

Vawdon Cup 2019 v Bankstown Sports

  1. Matt Gregory
  2. Brad Trewhella
  1. Mitchell Muscat
  2. Adam Yang
  1. Mathew McKinnon
  2. Luke Wallington

Vawdon Cup 2019 v Cronulla Sharks

105. Brock Fletcher

Vawdon Cup 2019 v Bankstown Sports

106. Tayla Hooper

Vawdon Cup 2019 v Hills Hornets

107. James Merrick

State Cup Gala Day 2019 v Bankstown Sports

  1. Joshua Wilkins

State Cup 2019 v St George Dragons

  1. Simon Carter

State Cup 2019 v Easts Roosters

  1. Nadia Gunn
  1. Alyssa Douer
  1. Olympia Plummer


Vawdon Cup 2020 v UNSW South Sydney Rabbitohs

113. Shelley Cullen

114. Ellie Hodges

115. Lara Miskell

Vawdon Cup 2020 v South West Sydney Raptors

116. Franko Altamirano

Vawdon Cup 2020 v Sydney University Stingers

117. Darcy Eade

118. Tara Corbett

Vawdon Cup 2020 v Balmain Tigers

119. George Altamirano


State Cup 2020 v Maitland Redbacks

120. Matthew Tran

121. Daniel O Shea


Club Policies

Our association has a number of policies which are listed below. 

  • Membership Protection Policy
  • Selection Policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Spectator Policy
  • Smoking Policy
  • Alcohol Policy
  • Constitution

NSWTA Policies

As an Affiliate of New South Wales Touch Association, State policies apply to our Affiliate.  

Selection Criteria

To be eligible for participation in NSWTA representative events, you must have played in the clubs current or most previous season to date. These seasons are defined by the Events General Conditions of Entry


Full club uniforms must be worn when competing/coaching/managing at NSWTA events. Players/coaches/manages will be requested to leave the field by tournament officials until uniform compliance is met. For further information, visit General Conditions of Entry

View all NSWTA policies here 

TFA Policies

As an Affiliate of New South Wales Touch Association, National policies apply to our Affiliate. 

View the TFA policies here


NSW Junior State Cup 2020 Northern Conference

NSW Junior State Cup 2020 Southern Conference

NSW State Cup 2019

State Cup is the premier NSW Touch Football representative event and is conducted in Port Macquarie each year commencing on the first Friday in December.

2020 Inferno National Touch League on YouTube


There is an opportunity for players who excel in competitions like Vawdon and State Cup to play higher amongst the best in their region through the Inferno National Touch League (NTL). NTL is a nationwide tournament held annually in Coffs Harbour NSW. The annual four-day event allows 13 regional permits from across Australia to compete in Open, Mixed and Masters as well as All Abilities divisions.

2018 State Of Origin Friday on YouTube


Touch State of Origin is the best-of-three series between the best NSW & QLD Touch Football teams. Opens and Masters divisions are included in this event.

2020 Youth Trans Tasman Test Series on YouTube


The NRL Touch Premiership is an annual elite competition consisting of mens and womens teams representing NRL clubs throughout the NRL season. In addition to that, there is also the NRL All-Stars competition to cater to our indigenous participants.  This is where the best indigenous Australian & Maori touch player go head to head for a cultural clash.


Finally, we have the Trans-Tasman Test Series, where a best-of-three series between Australia and New Zealand is played. The divisions include mens, womens and mixed.  A Youth Trans-Tasman for Under 18s and Under 20’s is held annually as well a Masters series available for older divisions.